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Craighall Colliery -
Accounts for the week ending 10 March 1804

Explanation of Colliery Accounts | Output by Individual Colliers

Explanation of payments made to colliers and 'oncost payments'

The weekly accounts consisted of two separate parts. First the payments to colliers for the coal produced, then all the other expenses (known as 'Oncost') incurred in running the colliery.
During this week, money received from coal sales, payment of debts and house rents by colliers amounted to £168 2s 5d while expenses were £152 12s 2d giving a profit of £18 7s 3d.



 Output of Coal by Individual Colliers:

Note of coal produced by colliers at Craighall CollieryThis is an example of the 'Cheque Coal Bill' . The daily output of 'great coal' for each collier, is recorded separately each day, and the total for the week of all types of coal (great, seam and wood) is also included.

See full details of the output of coal by individual colliers


 Oncost Payments

Oncost payments for Cowpits CollieryAll payments made in running the coalworks except those to colliers for coal produced, are called 'oncost'. These payments have been recorded in detail on the opposite page from the one showing the output by colliers and summary of coal sales.
These payments are for those working in the No.7 Pit. See full transcript of oncost accounts



The Craighall Colliery Account Book covering 1803-07 is part of the Hope of Craighall collection (GD.377) at the National Archives of Scotland.


  Explanation of Accounts  |  Output by Individual Colliers


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