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22.'Certificate by Mr Stoddart' - list of colliers who came to Dryden in 1770


Upon the 10th day of Aprile 1770 the after named coaliers or the greatest part of them came to Dryden to wait of their master General Lockhart, who met with them accordingly, after a short interview they acknowledged themselves to be his coaliers and he gave them a guinea to drink, and dismist them untill he should have occasion for them, upon the General informing me that he had seen his coaliers, and had given them the foresaid guinea to drink, I replyed that I could have wish'd to have seen [them] on which he sent after them and they came back, and gave me up list of their names and places at which they were at that period employed as follows -

1 Alexander Snedon
2 George Ross elder
3 David Ross
4 George Ross yr.
5 William Ross brother to Do
6 William Ross son to George Ross elder
7 John Ross



These sixteen coaliers were all employed by Mr Hunter at his Colieries and George Ross the fourth named person was employed as his oversman.

Mr Hunter was present when they gave up their names

8 James Ross
9 Thomas Ross
10 Robert White
11 James Hoods
12 Thomas Hoods
13 Wm Pentland
14 Wm Reid
15 G Ross son to David Ross
16 David Pentland

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Coaliers names continued

17 James Ross then working with Mr Hope
18 David Hislop then working with Lord Abercorn
19 Jas Campbell at Dalkeith Coal
20 William Liddell with Mr Dewar at Stobs
21 Ned Ross with James Ferrier
22 Wm Hislop at Blair Bogg
23 George Ross at Newhall
25 Alexr & Wm Youngs at Loanhead
26 Alexr Reid at Melvill Muir
27 Alexr Reid son to Do at Lithgow
28 John Mackenzie at Glasgow

The above and on the other page is the list of General Lockharts coaliers taken by me from that part of them came to wait of the General at Dryden upon the foresaid 10th of Aprile 1770,
and I think it consists with my memory that the sixteen named on the other page were all present as well as some few of the above, who gave up their own names and the names of those that were absent and the same is attested by me at Dryden 23d of January 1772

James Stodart



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