Hood Family and Coal Mining

Clerk v Ross and Others


21 'Diligence - Clerks against Witnesses & Havers' 1772

Upon the third day of June one thousand seven hundred and seventy one years by John Law messenger passed at command of the within written letters of diligence raised in the process and action of declarator intended and pending before the Lords of Council & Session at the instance of the within designed Sir James Clerk and John Clerk his brother german against the within designed George Ross and others and by virtue thereof three his Majesty's name and authority lawfully summons warned and charged William Kellie servant to Robert Hepburn Esquire of Clerkington, William Hall and Robert Aitken both servants to General Lockhart at Dryden, Mr Peter Hunter tenant at Gilmerton Grange, David Ross coallier at Melvilmuir, Thomas Hoods coallier at Pendriech, William Reids Coallier there, William Watson overseer there, James Hoods coallier at Woolmet, Robert White coallier there and William Johnston at Gouklawmoss all to compear before the commissioners within named upon the eighth day of June current within the Exchange Coffeehouse Edinburgh in the hour of cause with continuation of days, to answer at the instance of the said Sir James Clark and John Clerk Esquire to bear [...] witnessing upon oath in so far as they know or shall be interrogate in relation to the points within mentioned admitted to the said pursuers their probation. As also to bring with them exhibit and produce in presence of the commissioners all writts and documents they have in their hands, custodies and keeping that may any ways be probative thereof and made certification to them as within directed. This edict conform to the within written letters and all points. A just copy to the effect aforesaid and delivered to each of the saids William Kelly, David Ross, Thomas Hoods and William Reid, all personally apprehended, and the like copy I left for each of the said Sir William Hall, Robert Aitken, Mr Peter Hunter, William Watson, James Hoods, Robert White and William Johnston within their respective dwelling houses with their respective servants to be given to them because I could not apprehend them personally. All which several copies was signed by me did bear the date hereof the date and signeting of the within written letters and five witnesses names and their the date designations following present with me at the hail premises and hereto subscribing Vizt James Hope residenter in Edinburgh and James Moffat servant to the said John Clerk Esquire


James Hope witness
James Moffat Witness
John Law.


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