Hood Family and Coal Mining

Clerk v Ross and Others


10. 'Inventory of Writs produced by Mr Stoddart'


Short notes from various people dated 1762 renouncing any claim to these colliers. I have only included useful details, and put the name of the coalworks I think they relate to in square brackets [   ].



1/10 Mrs Murray 16 June 1762. [unknown]
George Ross wrought 18 months.


2/10 James Ferrier 16 June 1762 [Hawthornden]
'I herby declare that Mark Ross, William Ross & William Liddle are your colliers their wifes and childrens, belong to you, working with me by your allowance... at Gorton'


3/10 James Montgomery 6 July 1762
John Graham and William Hyslop
'at a coal near to the Whim in the County of Peebles'


4/10 John McLeod of Muiravonside 24 July 1762 [Muiravonside]
McLeod writes that because of James Ross 'working so many years with me with his parents' he might have a right to him but renounces it, but would 'expect a proper return' if he was in a similar situation.


5/10 Earl of Errol 26 July 1762 [Muiravonside?]
Renounciation to all right and title to John Ross.

6/10 - letter enclosing this renounciation


7/10 Letter from William Abernethy Drummond to George Lockhart 11 August 1762, regarding 'Hood a coalier of yours' [Hawthornden]



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