Hood Family and Coal Mining

Adamsrow, Squaretown and Redrow

Adamsrow, Squaretown and Redrow

Photo of Adamsrow villageThe villages of Adamsrow, Squaretown and Redrow in Newton parish were all small villages or hamlets mainly inhabited by miners. They were all very similar rows of small low roofed houses with red tiled roofs.
no trace of them exists now.

The site they formerly occupied eventually became the location of Monktonhall, one of the National Coal Boards 'super pits' built in the 1960's and closed in 1980s.

 Photo of Adamsrow around 1900


1747-55 Roy's Map of Scotland
Adamsrow Roy's Map
None of these villages existed at the time this map was compiled.
1812 - Map of Edinburghshire
Adamsrow, Squaretown and Redrow 1812 Knox's Plan
The areas has changed dramatically in 60 years, and all three villages are now shown although Redrow is still very small.

1820s Map
Adamsrow, Squaretown and Redrow shown on plan from 1820's
Redrow has expanded significantly by this time.
1856 - Ordnance Survey
Adamsrow, Squaretown and Redrow at the time of the First ordnance Survey map 1856
The recently built railway cutting through Adamsrow is shown here. The railway bridge is visible at the end of the street in the photo.

For more information on Adamsrow, see the website 'The Adams Family of Adamsrow'

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