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Edinburgh Parish Boundaries


The ecclesiastical parishes within the 'civil parish' of Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Old Parish Register (OPR 6851) covered the the civil parish of Edinburgh.
This was originally only the parishes of the old town, and later included a further four new parishes as the new town was built.


City of Edinburgh Parish Map

The original 'Old Town' of Edinburgh enclosed by the red line.
Tolbooth, High Church, Trinity College, Old Church, Tron, New North, St Johns, Lady Yesters, Old Greyfriars, New Greyfriars.


The light blue line encloses the parishes of the 'New Town'
St Stephens, St Marys, St Georges, St Andrews. (until the new town was built, this area was part of St Cuthberts).


NOTE - St Cuthberts, the parish almost surrounding the city, was also known as the 'West Church Parish' or 'West Kirk'

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