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Cowpits Colliery - Bounty Agreement 1809  ( First Agreement )

See Second Agreement


Agreement by colliers and bearers to work at Cowpits Colliery for one year from 3rd July 1809 (first agreement)


This is a bounty agreement written on vellum. There is a second agreement signed by more colliers and bearers on the 6th July which appears to have been prepared later than this one. The wording is different and the second agreement includes an additional clause not included in this one.

  • I have retained all original spellings.
  • The individuals own signature or writing is in italics.
  • Anyone unable to write signed with an 'X' or other symbol - I have indicated this in a fourth column with an 'X' or the symbol they used.


We undersubscribers Colliers residing at Cowpitts hereby bind and oblige ourselves to continue working as Colliers in the service of Sir John Hope of Craighall Bart at Cowpitts or Craighall Haugh Collieries for all the lawful days and space of twelve months certain from and after the third day of july Eighteen hundred and Nine years declaring that we have received bounty money and arles for our bearers as annexed to our subscriptions and also acknowledge to have had advanced us by the said Sir John Hope lent money as annexed to our subscriptions hereof which we bind ourselves to repay before leaving said Collieries. Declaring further that the working prices to us undersubscibers during the said year shall be proportional to the selling prices as eight is to twenty eight And that this agreement at these rates binds us to faithful peacable and honest service as colliers during said year at said collieries. In witness whereof we do subscribe these presents written by John Grieve at Cowpitts, this [ blank ] day of July before these witnesses John Neilson, Overseer of Cowpitts Colliery and Alexander Finlayson, Clerk.




Andrew Archibald Jnr
son of Janet Steill
 James Adam and
year to 1st Octr 1810
one son and 2 daughters
2.07.-  6.-.-  
 Hendrey Archbald Junr
Eliz Lumdsens son & mother
bounty formerly 2.-.-  
William Wilson Bounty formerly   1.10.6  w
Willam Archbald, Bill  1.11.-     
Violet Archd
Eliz: Lumsden daughter
-.10.6     x
Bell Archibald
will rob's sister
-.10.6     x
Hugh Gray  1.1.-  2.-.-  
William Gray  1.1.-    
Alexander Gray  -.10.6    
Andw Gray     3.-.-  
Thomas Archbald younger  1.1.-    
James Archibald  1.1.-    x
Janet Archd Dv' daughter  -.10.6    x

John Nielson witness
Alexandr Finlayson witness


Violet Inglis -.10.6   x
Mary Ross -.10.6   x
Robeart Archibald. cobbin 1.11.-     
His wife -.10.0    
George Bennet   2.-.-  
Robt Moffat 1.1.-  3.-.-  
John Aicheld tertius
i.e. John Archibald tertius
Andrew Currie   1.-.-  
Willm Drysdale   1.-.-  
David Russel & wife 1.11.-  2.-.-  
George Russel -.10.6    
William Archbald
Alexr Robertson   1.0.-  
Nicol Neilson  -.5.-    

John Nielson witness
Alexandr Finlayson witness


Robert Nielson   1.-.-.  
Alexander Rutherford
Senr. for self & son Alexr
1.1.- 1.-.-  
Helen Bell 1.1.-    
James Russell 1.1.- 3.-.-  
Hillen Russell -.10.6    
Margaret Archibald -.10.6    
George Archd. 1.1.6    
Kathrine Gray -.10.-   x
Andrew Archibald junr 1.11.-    
Jean Rutherford -.10.6   x
Janet Archd. cobbins daughter -.10.6   x
Betty Rutherford -.5.- x
Kathrine Murdoch -.10.6   x
Margaret Wilson -.10.6   x
Elspeth Lindsay -.10.6 -.9.6 ~
Margt Fife -.10.6   x
Betty Adam -.5.-   x
Janet Wilson -.10.6   o
John Archd. Andws son -.10.6   x






National Archives of Scotland reference: CS.34/1/99/30


  See Second Bounty Agreement

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